Statement from Jason Bohrer regarding extension of PTC for wind generation

“The proof that Washington, D.C., is broken can be found in the omnibus spending bill passed by the Senate late at night on December 21. Included in the bill is yet another extension of the production tax credit for wind generation. Our two U.S. senators – John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer – led the opposition to the PTC throughout the year and even in the floor debate prior to the bill’s passage. Unfortunately, their effort came up short. The tax subsidies for wind are distorting the electricity grid and making it difficult for traditional generation sources – such as North Dakota’s lignite-based power plants – to compete. The result is economics that favor one source over another and can lead to the instability of the modern electric grid,” said Jason Bohrer, president and chief executive officer of the Lignite Energy Council. “With another year of tax credits for wind, the Lignite Energy Council will be turning its attention to the North Dakota Legislature to pass bills that will help the industry remain competitive, including a reduction in taxes and ensuring that insurance rates paid by the industry are based on risk and not on artificial environmental social goals.”