Spiritwood StationLocation:

Spiritwood, ND

Plant description:

Spiritwood Station is owned and operated by Great River Energy. It is the first of its kind in North Dakota and the newest power plant in North Dakota.

Power production capability:

99 megawatts

Fuel source:

Spiritwood Station’s fuel source is lignite coal, which is converted to a higher-efficiency fuel using innovative technologies. The lignite is dried and refined at Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station near Underwood, N.D. About 610,000 tons per year are shipped to Spiritwood Station. The dried and refined coal is referred to as DryFineTM

Plant history:

Spiritwood Station became operational on November 1, 2014.

Environmental highlights:

Combined heat and power plants such as Spiritwood Station are highly energy efficient because they make use of the energy in the steam which, at most plants, is released to cooling towers. Spiritwood Station sends some of the steam it produces to Cargill Malt for use in its production processes. Some interesting facts:

  • Most conventional coal-based power plants are 30 to 35 percent efficient; Spiritwood Station is 40 to 66 percent efficient depending on the amount of steam provided to the site partners.
  • Spiritwood Station will be about 60 percent efficient with its key partners – Cargill Malt and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy (currently under construction).

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