New Poll Shows Growing Support for Coal Industry

The Lignite Energy Council recently conducted a public opinion poll on issues related to energy in North Dakota.

Public Opinion Strategies conducted a statewide survey of 400 likely voters in North Dakota. The survey
was conducted December 2-5, 2021, with 135 interviews conducted with landline respondents and 265
interviews with cell phone respondents. The survey has a margin of error of +4.9%

Key Findings:

1. North Dakota voters are extremely supportive of the energy industry in the state.

2. Voters are also strongly in favor of research and development projects that would update existing lignite coal-based power plants.

3. North Dakota voters are enthusiastic about using carbon capture and storage technology in the state, and that excitement is only growing.

4. There is also strong support for using carbon dioxide that is stored underground to produce additional oil in the state.

You can read the entire polling memo here: North Dakota Energy Key Findings Memo