Registration is now open for the Lignite Energy Council members-only exhibitor area at the Energy Progress & Innovation Conference (EPIC) – formerly known as the EGC.

The conference will be held January 25-27, 2022 at the Bismarck Event Center in Bismarck, ND.

As a Lignite Energy Council member, you are being offered an unprecedented exhibiting opportunity.



**please contact Kay LaCoe FIRST with questions regarding registering with the LEC area**

The Lignite Energy Council presents the Power Point at EPIC – a Lignite Energy Council members-only benefit. For the same cost ($900) of an EPIC exhibitor booth, you can register to exhibit in the Lignite Energy Council’s Power Point exhibitor area. Members are not required to exhibit in the members-only area; it is just an option for members.

As you may know, the Lignite Energy Council has expanded its relationship with the Energy Progress and Innovation Conference (EPIC) – formerly known as the EGC. The Lignite Energy Council is actively taking a larger role in the conference in lieu, in part, of discontinuing holding a spring LEC membership meeting. As such, the Lignite Energy Council will be hosting one major membership meeting each year for the foreseeable future and that will be the Annual Meeting in the fall of each year. We feel that this change in operating procedure has many benefits; however, it should not indicate any lapse in contact with our members or opportunities to provide networking between vendors and the facilities they serve.

Which brings us to the Power Point at EPIC:

The Power Point is a new opportunity for Lignite Energy Council members to exhibit and network at EPIC. Lignite Council members can now grouped together in designated area to promote not only their business offerings, but also demonstrate collective support of North Dakota’s coal industry – a one-stop shop for your targeted customers.

Exhibiting in the Lignite Energy Council’s Power Point at EPIC will bring a few additional benefits to exhibiting at EPIC including:

  • Expanded exhibitor display options – not limited to “box” exhibitor layout w/ table and pipe & drape
  • Easily located by targeted industry personnel
  • Meeting/lounge area for conducting business or having discussions
  • Additional promotion during the Exhibitor Social on Tuesday night
  • Options for un-manned exhibitor area for organizations that may not be able to participate in a full booth (contact Kay LaCoe for more information on these options)
  • Knowing you are surrounded by like-minded and focused organizations that are dedicated to supporting the North Dakota lignite industry


  • You can register for UP TO FOUR exhibitor spaces on the website – “Add Attendee” is the system’s verbiage for adding an exhibitor booth – clicking on the registration page is how you add additional exhibitor booths.
  • Each Exhibitor “attendee” receives two complimentary attendees – additional attendees can be purchase
  • You will NOT select booth numbers at this point but you can make special requests during the registration process
  • You must have an email registered with the LEC’s members only website to register for the booths
  • LEC exhibitor booths are LIMITED – when we have reached the max number, we will start a waiting list by emailing your request to

To register to exhibit in the Lignite Energy Council’s Power Point at EPIC you will need to register with the Lignite Energy Council at or by contacting Kay LaCoe at the Lignite Energy Council.


Since this is the first year we are offering this option, there will be many questions and there will be some answers that we just don’t know yet. But, I can assure you that we are willing to consider everything and make the Power Point at EPIC an area that all members will want to be a part of. Bring us your ideas and suggestions and we will do our best to accommodate. We will adhere to all protocols set out by the EPIC committee and the Bismarck Event Center.

Power Point exhibit areas are $900 *

* If your company would like to have a presence at EPIC but is unable to host a full exhibitor booth for whatever reason, please contact Kay LaCoe at or 701.355.2194 to inquire about promotional spots for LEC members to include marketing material support.

Just as it would with an exhibitor booth registration for EPIC, each exhibitor booth registration for the Power Point at EPIC will include two complimentary attendees for the conference. Additional attendees can be purchased through EPIC at

The Power Point at EPIC is only available to members of the Lignite Energy Council. If your organization typically exhibits with suppliers or vendors that are non-members, those companies would need to be members of the Lignite Energy Council or they will be ineligible to be included in the member’s only exhibit area. We will make all attempts possible to accommodate any special requests for locations/configurations/options within the Power Point area.