LTE: Let’s set the record straight on carbon capture

Opponents of carbon capture are spreading misinformation about the coal industry, and it’s time to set the record straight.

Recently, the Biden Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized several stringent environmental regulations targeting North Dakota’s lignite coal facilities. The emissions rules threaten facility closures by mandating the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions. Our state, the industry, and the Lignite Energy Council have prepared for this scenario through decades of legislative work, research and development, and legal preparation. Now, with a clear understanding of the challenges we face, we are mobilizing robust legal defenses.

North Dakota’s lignite coal facilities must react to this regulatory climate. It’s part of a sound business strategy – in any industry. And while that is incredibly challenging right now, it is not an insurmountable challenge. 

The Lignite Energy Council firmly supports and advocates for the advancement and implementation of Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration technology. Carbon Capture for Coal is essential in securing the industry’s future, and ensures coal remains a reliable source of baseload electricity, fundamental for the stability of our electric grid.

Federal overreach is a significant challenge for our industry’s survival. Defending against misguided and misinformed criticisms from supposed allies adds yet another layer of complexity to our struggle. In addition, the very public yet unrelated carbon project Summit Carbon Solutions is happening simultaneously, which is neither a coal project nor a member of the Lignite Council.

Misrepresenting the effectiveness and necessity of carbon capture technology only serves to undermine our coal industry and its workforce. It is imperative that we act based on accurate information and collective support to ensure a sustainable future for North Dakota’s energy sector. Let’s come together to preserve the ongoing prosperity of our state and its vital industries.

– Jason Bohrer, President & CEO – Lignite Energy Council