What We Do

June 14-17, 2021
Bismarck State College – Bismarck, ND

Research & Development, A State and Lignite Energy Partnership

For every state dollar invested, a total of six dollars is invested by other sources.

Government Action, The Cornerstone of the Lignite Energy Council

To promote policies and direct activities that maintain a viable lignite industry

Public Relations & Marketing

To increase the public's knowledge and improve the perception of our regions lignite industry

Table Topics

Dash to Gas? We’ve been warned

The 2008 Department of Energy foresaw the electric industry turning away from coal toward natural gas-based generation for baseload power.

Energy and Environmental Facts

North Dakota is a powerhouse when it comes to energy — oil and gas, coal, ethanol, hydro-electric, wind, etc. —

Lignite: An Insider’s View

Coal: Powering the Past, Present
and Future

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