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August 15th, 2019

New Podcast features Jason Bohrer interview

The Lignite Energy Council’s President and CEO Jason Bohrer was recently interviewed by Kate Muggerud for a new Podcast. Jason […]
August 12th, 2019
August-Benefits of Coal

Benefits of North Dakota’s homegrown lignite coal….

May 20th, 2019

Relying on someone’s charging station for a Tesla trip to Minot

This blog was written by LEC vice president of communications Steve Van Dyke  Normally, I’m a pretty boring driver when […]
May 2nd, 2019

Does CO2 produce a greener crude oil?

Ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-based plants is one of the driving forces behind the Plains CO2 Reduction […]
April 22nd, 2019

North Dakota youth, lend your voice to the future of energy and agriculture interests

Recruitment is underway for the second year of a youth advisory council to provide voice, insight and vision to North […]
February 25th, 2019

10 things made from lignite

North Dakota is one of the country’s top 10 coal-producing states. Approximately 30 million tons of lignite is mined regionally […]