Lignite Council President & CEO’s statement on proposed power plant rules

The Biden Administration’s EPA released its new carbon emissions regulations on coal and gas-fired power plants today.

President Biden’s Administration continues to mount its attack on coal with the EPA’s recently released proposed new carbon emissions regulations on power plants. The EPA’s proposed rules are near-sighted, put misguided ideology ahead of common sense, and further undercuts the reliability of our electrical grid. The Lignite Energy Council (LEC) will continue to work towards regulatory relief for our industry and advance the real work that our members are engaged in on carbon capture. The LEC will continue efforts to support our members as they provide reliable and affordable energy to their more than 2 million customers in the upper Midwest.”

– Jason Bohrer, President & CEO – Lignite Energy Council

EPA’s News Release – linked here

EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Standards and Guidelines for Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants – linked here