LEC and CSEF partner with Cass Electric to promote electric vehicles

In April, the Lignite Energy Council, Coalition for a Secure Energy Future, and Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) officially cut the ribbon on a first of its kind partnership on construction of level two electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Sanford Health in Fargo. The effort, in partnership with local leaders, is to keep the Fargo area at the forefront of emerging energy trends and technology.

The four EV chargers are now available for use at Sanford’s recently opened hospital near Interstate 94 in Fargo.

Electric vehicles offer car owners many benefits, including lower maintenance. Utilities are helping to build the needed infrastructure like these charging stations at the new Sanford Health in Fargo.

Baseline EV models are becoming increasingly affordable and in anticipation of the growth in popularity of EVs in the coming decades, the installation of charging stations at public institutions like Sanford is helping ensure that EV owners are able to charge their vehicles with reliable, homegrown energy. The electricity used by members of CCEC comes primarily from a North Dakota resource; namely lignite coal.

Over the next several months, the LEC, in partnership with other organizations, will continue to explore supporting infrastructure and investment in future projects. To stay updated on these projects, sign up for LEC Action Alerts on our website.