NextGen ND is an exciting opportunity for you to give your voice, insights, and vision to the energy and agricultural leaders in our state. High-level decision makers from three organizations—the North Dakota Petroleum Council, the North Dakota Farm Bureau, and the Lignite Energy Council—want to hear what you have to say.

Your participation means you have the chance to shape the future of energy and agriculture for years to come. You’ll even get the chance to take tours of mines, power plants, oil rigs, and farms, if desired.

Download and read the press release for more information.

NextGen ND Participants on two-day tour visiting Whiting Oil, Baker Boy, Red Trail Ethanol, BNI Coal Center Mine and Minnkota Power Cooperative's Young Station. 

Next Gen ND
We want to hear your voice and opinion about energy and ag in our state.
Next Gen ND
Your voice and insights will make a positive difference in North Dakota.
Next Gen ND
You’ll gain valuable life and leadership experience through participation.
Next Gen ND
You’ll receive a certificate of achievement and letter of recommendation from the heads of our partnering organizations.



Apply for your chance to inform and
guide three big industries in North Dakota.

Student Videos

Last year’s team activity was for NextGen ND participants to create a 30-second video. Here are the results.


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