U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer shares his thoughts on federal energy policy

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer was recently interviewed by Kate Muggerud to talk about changes and potential changes in federal energy policies under the Biden Administration on the podcast titled “Mined: Lignite Energy in America.”

Senator Cramer has a deep understanding of North Dakota energy issues going back to his days on the state Public Service Commission along with his tenure in the U.S. House.

His viewpoint on energy and free markets contrasts with others in the Senate and the current Administration. Last year, he and fellow North Dakota Senator John Hoeven introduced a bill to end the federal production tax credit that tips the electric market toward subsidized renewable energy.

Kate and her co-host Geoff Simon conduct interviews with leaders in North Dakota’s energy industry on a variety of topics. The goal of these podcasts is to connect with others who have the same interest and wish to become more knowledgeable about energy and emerging technologies. 

Mined: Lignite Energy in America is sponsored and produced by the Lignite Energy Council, a trade association representing the power plants, mines and the Great Plains Synfuels Plant in North Dakota along with more than 250 companies that provide goods and services to the lignite industry.

Here is the link to the Podcast on the LEC Website – https://lignite.com/what-is-lignite/podcast/

This Podcast series is also available on Spotify and Apple Radio.