Rapid change in the electric industry is raising concerns about the adequacy of the generation resources to meet existing electricity needs. Additionally, some visions are that the “economy” should be electrified to move toward a zero-carbon society. Announcements continue to be made about states and federal government entities establishing carbon goals without a path on how to safely get there.  The Independent System Operators (ISOs) that operate the electric grid are issuing more and more emergency alerts and many parts of the country have experienced electric supply blackouts during peak demand times when they can least afford it.

Through the Lignite Research Program’s Enhance Protect and Preserve Project, a recent study of the last four year’s of data on the MISO grid was produced which included a projection of available resources for demand through 2035.

Here you will find presentation slides from Isaac Orr regarding the recently completed MISO/Transmission Study.

Full MISO slides: Here

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