Jason Bohrer discusses strategy to level energy playing field

Jason Bohrer, president and CEO of the Lignite Energy Council, joined co-hosts Kate Muggerud and Geoff Simon on this week’s podcast titled “Mined: Lignite Energy in America.” Among many topics discussed, Jason gave a policy update on how intermittent sources are given priority in the energy market, and how the Lignite Energy Council is trying to remedy the situation.

LEC President and CEO Jason Bohrer

Jason also handles other topics from power plant closures to a production tax credit for wind generators to reduced electric loads in North Dakota due to low oil prices, the coronavirus pandemic along with other subjects of interest to the lignite industry.

Kate and Geoff work as a team to conduct the Podcasts with leaders in North Dakota’s energy industry. The goal of these podcasts is to connect with others who are interested in North Dakota’s energy industry. 

Mined: Lignite Energy in America is sponsored and produced by the Lignite Energy Council, a trade association representing the power plants, mines and the Great Plains Synfuels Plant in North Dakota along with more than 300 companies that provide goods and services to the lignite industry.

Here is the link to the Podcast on the LEC Website – https://lignite.com/what-is-lignite/podcast/

This Podcast series is also available on Spotify and Apple Radio.