The intent of the Coal Country Leadership Academy (CCLA) program is to encourage students to believe in themselves, to emphasize the importance of character, and to recognize and reward schools and students who demonstrate significant potential with leadership training and character building.

Students from Beulah, Center-Stanton, Hazen, Underwood and Washburn form the CCLA.


School staff nominates students they feel best exemplify the CCLA program requirements.

Students are required to complete the following items both junior and senior years.

  1. Attend the local CCLA school meetings.
  2. Attend the regional CCLA meetings 2 times/school year.
  3. Develop and lead a Community Service Project.
  4. Attend community meetings: City Council, School Board, etc.
  5. Perform and document 60 hours of community service.

Scholarship Information

Completion of the requirements qualifies CCLA members to apply for a scholarship.